A tour during school hours allows you to see what makes our school tic. Projects and artwork adorn the hallways. Teachers are engaging students by facilitating discovery and learning. Children will be concentrating, laughing, and asking questions. You will see faculty invest in each child's development of character and service. In addition, we also believe that learning, even though it is hard work, can be fun. The most important aspect of our school is the children. We enjoy watching them grow and develop. We take pride in truly knowing each student and his or her family. Immanuel is accredited by NLSA, an Ohio Department of Education approved entity.

Immanuel Lutheran School is an alternative to public education that affords children a small and safe learning environment rooted in the Christian faith. Immanuel meets the needs of each individual through its high teacher-to-student ratio. We employ state-of-the-art technology along with many offerings in athletics and the arts. Students learn from a Bible-based curriculum in their daily religion classes and enjoy chapel services once a week.

A typical week at school includes:

Core Subjects: Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
The Arts: Choir, Music, Band, Drama, and Art

Daily religion class of  Biblical history, Christian values, and Christ's love

Weekly Chapel time for worship, singing, and a message fro Pastor Jud

Classroom and School-wide prayers

Recess and Physical Educati on

Educating the whole child
in a holy way since 1896


1285 Main Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45013
(513) 893-6792 Church
(513) 895-9212 School
1285 Main Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45013
(513) 893-6792 Church
(513) 895-9212 School
(513) 895-0992 Childcare
(513) 863-2502 Fax

Resources Furnished by State and Federal Funding

Busing to and from ILS for residents in Hamilton or neighboring districts

Speech and Intervention Services


Full Scholarships

Technology, Curriculum, Safety, and Field Trip Funds

Call to schedule a tour today!

Call 513-895-9212 or email to arrange a tour.  Tours can be given before, during, or after school.

Lukas Bickel, Principal 

or Beth Fleming, Admissions Counselor  elizabeth.fleming@immanuelhamilton.com