Mrs. Melissa Peterson
2nd Grade



Mrs. Melissa Peterson received her undergraduate degree from MN State University Moorhead in 2001 and completed her M.A.A.E. degree from Miami University in 2009. After serving as the art teacher for two years at Immanuel, she is presently teaching second grade. As an Immanuel Lutheran church member, teacher and parent of three Wildcat students, she remains supportive of the school and its Christian ministry to the area community.

Mrs. Peterson likes to read, garden, and explore the great outdoors with her family. She has set foot in 29 states (as of 2016), and has been to three other countries. She is a lifelong learner and makes the effort to keep education creative and fun for her students too! She loves Jesus and is excited to be able to both share and learn about God with her students in a Lutheran school setting.